Uzbek word list
Ушбу саҳифа ўзбек тилида ҳам мавжуд

Uzbek word list


I started compiling an Uzbek word list in May 2004. Kevin Atkinson author of ASpell told me that coming release of his spell-checker would support Unicode and asked if I was interested in making Uzbek dictionary for ASpell. So, I got involved. ASpell has an Uzbek dictionary since ASpell-0.60.

Basically, it is a file in Unicode (UTF-8) encoding which consists of Uzbek words in Cyrillic script. The are some handy scripts to ease making a list. Make sure to read a file README inside of a package.


The word list and accompanying tools are distributed in terms of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.


The latest release is uzbek-wordlist-0.6.tar.bz2 (17.09.2006)

Uzbek dictionary for ASpell is available here.