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  • I do not update this page anymore.
    Many links are probably outdated or not working anymore.


    Online Journals
    Online texts of the Bible
    There are very many Bibles online and I think you have already found some. This is not a complete list, but only my own small collection of useful links.
    Bible translation

    Old Testament Apocrypha

    NT-Apocrypha and Church Fathers

    Church Fathers:

    Bible study - general links

    Commentaries on the Gospels

    The Synoptic Problem

    Biblical Greek

    "The Greek New Testament is the New Testament; all else is translation". A. T. Robertson

    Textual Criticism
    TC-scholars (Webpages of scholars/laymen with interest in textual criticism)
    Please contribute!

    The original sources: Papyri, Codices...

    Papyri collections and links:
    Qumran Fragment 7Q5

    The Development of the Canon

    Tatian and Diatessaron